Creating Spaces to Empower People

Ancient tools to create powerful spaces

Did you know that your environment is like a map of your inner world?

Space is a resource which can help you realize your potentials.

Using Feng Shui in a highly comprehensive and grounded way, I transform gardens and interiors into modern and alive sanctuaries.


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What is People’s Potential?

When recognizing people's potential as our true capital, life changes and people can start to live according to powerful principles. Life then becomes increasingly more joyful, more meaningful and more abundant. While society as we know it is based on lack, switching to a different concept and confiding in the Human Potential will root life in abundance.

Why Spaces?

Spaces can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. We all know how good we feel in well designed spaces and we all know how uncomfortable we can feel in others. Ancient tools like the ancestral teachings of Feng Shui and other spiritual traditions are proven change makers since thousands of years. Cocreative Space Design is using these tools to recreate interior and exterior spaces to facilitate changes which will enhance people’s lifes.

How is it done?

Assessing what is missing and balancing what is too much - creating order and direction - adjusting dynamics - we can reinvent spaces according to a desired outcome. Be it the desire of more abundance or a meaningful relationship, a space can reflect the manifestation of this desire. They then create a strong resonance on the conscious and on the subconscious level of our minds.